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student studying Welcome to the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy Basic Learning Skills page. We designed these pages for Academy recruits who have been assigned to a recruit class, but have not yet begun their studies. You will find introductions to some of the skills you will need to use well at the Academy. You will also find some assessment exercises that will allow you and our instructors to determine what skills you already have and the skills on which you will need to work.

CMPA Recruits: This is a Required Assignment

Each recruit is expected to complete these exercises by the date on the confirmation letter.

It will take less than an hour to view or listen to the presentations, and two or three hours of additional work to do the exercises. We will provide you with some automated feedback and will contact you before you enter the program if we have concerns about your submissions.

You will also find links to learning skills materials available on the Web that you are encouraged to read.

Please note: We are sorry, but while anyone may download and look at the materials on this site and will receive the automated feedback, only submissions from registered recruits will receive any personal attention.

System Requirements

This program is entirely Web-based, so you will need an Internet connection. If you are reading this, you obviously have one. A broadband connection is best, since there are streaming videos that you will need to watch in order to do the exercises. If you are able to watch videos on YouTube (which is where these are stored) than you have a fast enough connection to view the presentations.

Responses from the program, and if necessary the instructors, will be via email, so you will need an active email address, as well.

Obviously, you will also need a sound card and speakers/headphones to hear the narration on the YouTube videos.

Ready to Begin

It is generally a good idea to watch the video and do the exercise in one session. It rarely takes more than an hour for each part, and usually less than that. Do, however, plan on spending enough time to do the exercise well. Remember, you are making a first impression with the exercises you submit. They should represent your best work. Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct, and that your language is appropriate to business correspondence.

If you are ready to go to Part One of Basic Learning Skills, click the [Begin] button below:

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Questions About Writing:
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Questions About the CMPA Recruit Basic Program:
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