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General Study Skills

How-to-Study Includes information on a variety of study and reading issues, as well as preparation for tests and for public speaking. These tips are useful for all students, even if the pictures sometimes suggest a younger audience.

Study Guides and Strategies "The Study Guides and Strategies web site is authored, maintained, and revised on an on-going basis by Joe Landsberger, as an educational public service." There is an incredible amount of practical information on studying here.

How to Study and Learn Effectively From the Discover Business website, a site developed to support businesses and the business community, here is a well-designed guide to a variety of effective study, notetaking, reading, and memory techniques, based on research by Prof. Dennis Masino and Jackie Giuliano, Ph.D. Don't be concerned about the business focus of the site as a whole. The recommendations are appropriate for learners in all academic areas.

Note Taking Skills

Homework Central - Note Taking's Homework Central provides a few tips that complement those given in the program, including some ideas on taking notes from your reading.

Reading Skills

Homework Central - Reading Textbooks's Homework Central provides some tips on reading a textbook for maximum retention.

SQ3R - A Reading/Study System Web page provided by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute for their students. It provides a set of recommendations to help you to better remember what you read.

Reading Better and Faster Dennis Doyle, a reading instructor from the Glendale (CA) Community College shares some tips for improving reading speed and comprehension. Includes short videos of several techniques for improving reading scan.

Writing Skills

Homework Central Writing Skills's Homework Central has a large number of tips for better writing, ranging from the basic to the fairly advanced, including some help with spelling and grammar.

Writing Tips and Articles While the site is designed to sell downloadable writing books, this page includes a large number of links to some free tips that might prove useful. Listing - The Elements of Style You may also buy it from Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million, among others. All three online retailers also have listings for used and cheaper new copies. By the way, stick with the Strunk and White (currently in its fourth edition), rather than the revisions for Kindle, et al. of the original Strunk text. E.B. White's revisions are to be preferred.

Get It Write - Article Archive "Get It Write offers services for people who realize that the written word makes a powerful and lasting impression." The site includes a large number of articles on issues that effect the clarity and accuracy of writing, and tips for improving the impression left by one's writing. Also offers an email newsletter.

Oxford Dictionary of the English Language - Better Writing The editors of the Oxford Dictionaries offers a wide range of writing assistance on its website, including tips for improving grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and tips on practical writing, other resources for improving your English, and a guide to common abbreviations. I used the list of commonly misspelled words as an aid for designing those exercises.

Test Taking

Homework Central - Studying for Tests's Homework Central provides a number of tips for preparing for and taking tests, including information on study groups, and what to do after the test is returned.


This page is a work in progress. As more resources are found, we will add them. If you know of resources that should be included, please call us at (314) 889-8600 or send an email to our webmaster: [email protected].

We hope this learning skill and study review has been helpful to you. See you on the first day of your Academy class.

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