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Colonel Jon Belmar - (314) 615-4260

Municipal Services Unit
Lieutenant Aaron Schafer
(314) 615-0184

[Municipal Services Website]

  • Develop and Maintain Liaison with Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Service Contracts with Municipal Police Agencies
Intelligence Unit
Captain John Blake
(314) 615-4692

  • Exchange Information on Organized Crime
  • Provide Special Bulletins on Organized Criminal Activity and Persistent Offenders
  • Conduct Specialized Surveillance
  • Political Corruption Cases
  • Fugitive Task Force
  • Provide Specialized Equipment

Lt. Colonel Jeff Bader
 - (314) 615-4265

Bureau of Communications
Captain Steve Sack - (314) 615-5360

  • Operation of Emergency Riot Channel
  • 911 Misroute/Discrepancy Correction
  • 911 Operation when Local PSAP Out of Service
  • Operation of Mobile Communication Trailer
  • Resource Listing of Specialized Services Available (e.g., Translators, Water Rescue, etc.)

Bureau of Computer Services
Sgt. Mike Wilson

(314) 615-7826

  • Respond to Special Information Requests Involving Computerized Data
Bureau of Central Police Records
Lieutenant  Juan Gomez

(314) 615-5317

  • Central Repository for Police Reports; Backup Copies are Available
  • REJIS Record Checks when Local Site is Inoperable
  • Countywide Record Checks for Citizens
  • Gun Permits
  • Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement

Bureau of Staff Services
Captain Norman Mann - (314) 615-4273
Personnel Services Unit
Lieutenant James McWilliams

(314) 615-4273

  • Deputization Program for Airport, Washington University and Task Force Officers
  • Administration of Open Enrollment Program for Police Officer Basic Training
  • Administration of Promotional Testing for Sergeants and Lieutenants
  • Technical Assistance Regarding Armory Operation and Weapon Maintenance
  • Copies of Training Videos Produced by the Department
  • Brochures and Pamphlets Regarding Public Safety Issues
Planning and Analysis Unit
Lieutenant Peter Morrow

(314) 615-4268

  • Copies of Departmental Written Directives
  • Fact Sheet of Police Services in St. Louis County Crime Statistics and General Enforcement Information
  • COGIS Maps and Revisions
  • Missouri Senate and House Bill Summaries
Fiscal Services Unit
Ms. Joyce Hill

(314) 615-0176

  • Cooperative Purchasing Agreements for Vehicles, Weapons and Law Enforcement Supplies
  • Technical Assistance Regarding Bid Specifications, Contracts and Cost Reports

St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy
Lieutenant Steve Hampton - (314) 889-8600
[St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy Website]

  • Police Officer Basic Training
  • Open Enrollment Program for Police Officer Basic Training
  • Service Firearm Qualification Program
  • Computer Training - Standard Applications, Investigative Tools, Reconstruction

Lt. Colonel Mike Busalaki - (314) 615-4294

[Listing of Patrol Facilities,
with Addresses, Maps and Email Links]

  • Uniform Patrol Support During an Emergency
  • Prisoner Pickup on County and State Warrants
  • Information Exchange Meetings on Criminal Activity
  • FAX Network to Provide Timely Notifications
Ancillary Services (Reserve Police Unit)
Sergeant Craig Molden

(314) 615-4294

  • Reserve Officer Support During an Emergency
  • Reserve Officer Assistance During Large Special Events when Officers from the Requesting Municipality are Present

Lt. Colonel Troy Doyle  - (314) 615-4294

Bureau of Tactical Support
Captain Bryan Ludwig

(636) 532-2984

  • Respond to Hostage or Barricaded Subject Calls
  • Execution of High Risk Search Warrants
  • Mobile Response Teams will Respond to Mass Demonstrations, Strikes and Acts of Civil Disobedience
Office of Emergency Management
Director Mark Diedrich

(314) 615-9500

  • Disaster Preparedness Planning, including Training, Exercises and Lectures
  • Disaster Response and Coordination if a Countywide Disaster is Declared
  • Mutual Aid Contracts to Provide Resources During an Emergency
  • Resource Data Base which Contains an Extensive Listing of Disaster Resources
  • Coordination of Code 1000 Program
  • Mobile Command Center
Metro Air Support
Sergeant Daniel Cunningham
- (636) 532-2984

  • Helicopter Support for Searches, Pursuits, Aerial Rescues, Familiarization Flights and Aerial Photography
Canine Unit
Sergeant Craig Kriska

(314) 427-2511

  • Drug and Tracking Operations
Highway Safety Unit
Sergeant Roach

(314) 576-1055

  • DWI Checkpoint Assistance and Airplane Speed Enforcement

Lt. Colonel Kenneth Gregory - (314) 615-8600

Bureau of Drug Enforcement
Captain Chuck Boschert

(314) 427-4101

  • Information Exchange Meetings Concerning Drug Law Violations
  • Investigative Support for Drug Law Violations
  • Technical Assistance Regarding Management of Drug Investigations and Drug Asset Forfeiture Procedures
  • Drug Canine Services
Special Investigations Unit
Sergeant Adam Kavanaugh

(314) 615-8618

  • Investigative Support for the Following Offenses:
    Morality Violations
    Liquor Law Violations
  • Investigative Support for Other Related Offenses as Requested
Bureau of Crimes Against Persons
Lieutenant Craig Longworth

(314) 615-8610

  • Investigative Support for the Following Offenses:
    Murder and Rape
    Robbery First Degree
    Vehicular Manslaughter
    Assault First Degree
    Felonious Sexual Assault
    Child Abuse: Physical and Sexual
Bureau of Crimes Against Property
Lieutenant Eric Walley 

(314) 615-8602

  • Investigative Support to Determine Cause and Origin of Arsons and Bombings
  • Disposal of Explosive Devices and Render Safe Suspicious Packages
  • Vehicular Examination to Locate Confidential Serial Numbers
  • Salvage Yard and Dealer Inspections
  • Investigative Support Involving Burglary Suspects Working in Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Auto Theft Investigations Involving Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Computer and Cell Phone Forensics
  • Identity Theft and Computer Crimes Involving Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations
Bureau of Criminal Identification
Captain James Mundel
- (314) 615-3901

  • Crime Scene Processing for the Following Offenses:
    Robbery (with a Weapon)
  • Laboratory Analysis of Criminal Evidence
  • AFIS ­ Automated Fingerprint Identification System
  • CODIS Combined DNA Indexing Service
  • Specialized Fingerprint Processing (i.e., Documents, Checks)
  • Specialized Training and Technical Assistance Regarding Crime Scene Processing and Laboratory Analysis Mobile Crime Laboratory
Polygraph Unit
Sergeant Garry Miller

(314) 615-5400

  • Polygraph Services for Criminal Investigations at the Request of Law Enforcement Agencies
Bureau of Fugitive Affairs
Sergeant Larry Smith

(314) 615-8899

  • Extradition of Fugitives and the Pickup of Misdemeanor Offenders throughout the State

For more information, or to discuss municipal contracting, please contact:

Municipal Services Unit
Lieutenant Aaron Schafer, Commander
Telephone: (314) 615-0184
E-mail: [[email protected]]

St. Louis County Police Department

7900 Forsyth Blvd

Clayton, MO 63105

Emergency Calls: Call 911

Non-Emergency Reporting / General Information: (636) 529-8210

TDD: (636) 529-8220