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NEW: Please see the new eFiling web page where you can register and create an account to start eFiling! There are also procedural guidelines on Associate Civil and Probate matters. See reasons why an eFiled document can be returned or held by the St. Louis County Circuit Clerk's office. These examples will tell you how to get your eFile documents processed through the system without delay.

Wireless network access is available in the Court Building and the Family Court Center. Please read the Attorney User Agreement for WiFi (see the link on the right) before logging on. Call the Court Building IT help desk at (314)615-3263 or the Family Court Center IT help desk at (314)615-4440 for the password or any questions that you may have.

Our goal continues to be to provide you with the quality of service and timely justice that you have come to rely on from the 21st Judicial Circuit.

Please visit the Court Announcement page for the latest Court news (e.g. Court schedules (holidays, individual docket changes), notices to attorneys, administrative orders).

The St. Louis County Circuit Court Rules Of Court are available by clicking here.

Trouble finding your favorite current web page?....

If you have saved a page as a Favorite or Bookmark, the page may have been updated with a new name, especially time sensitive pages (e.g. Family Court Schedule of Assignments). Try navigating to your page from the main Court web page.

Case Information....

Case information is now available online. Visit CaseNet for current case information.

Filing Fees....

Not sure about the filing fees for a case. The filing fees for the Circuit Clerk and Probate Court are available for your convenience.


Need a probate form fast? Visit our forms page. Over 30 probate forms are currently available as well as the Circuit Civil/Equity Cover Sheet and the Family Court Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage (also known as the Vital Statistics form).

Attorney Address Changes....

It is important to stay current with the St. Louis County Circuit Court by keeping your address up to date. This will assist in getting your notices to you on a timely basis. When you submit a change of address to our Probate Court, Family Court, Criminal/Traffic Department or Civil Department, the address will be changed for all areas at the same time. If your address does change, please notify the Court of the change using one of the methods noted below.

  • By fax (314-615-8739) - The request must be on office/firm letterhead, include an authorized signature and contain your Missouri Bar number


  • By mail - Again the request must be on office/firm letterhead, include an authorized signature and contain your Missouri Bar number


  • In person - You may appear in person at the Circuit Clerk's Office, 5th Floor, Courts Building, go to the Computer Room. You must show ID and provide your Missouri Bar number.

Address changes by telephone or e-mail will not be accepted.

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