The St Louis County Circuit Court will be closed today, Jan. 13 2017 due to limited St Louis County Support Services and adverse weather conditions.

Exchange Center of The St. Louis County Family Court will be closed on Friday the 13th and Saturday, January 14. Please call the after hours number at the Exchange Center on Sunday, January 15 to see if it will be open on Sunday evening.


If the St. Louis County Circuit Court determines that it is necessary to close or have a delayed opening time, for an unexpected or weather related reason, that information will be posted on this page.

In addition there may be announcements via both radio stations and television channels. However it is extremely important to make sure the announcements refer to

                      ST. LOUIS COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT.

The Court does not always follow the St. Louis County emergency schedule and it is easy to confuse the St. Louis City Circuit Court announcement with the St. Louis County Circuit Court announcement.

If the Court is closed for an extended period of time, please revisit this web page for further instructions concerning the rescheduling of missed trials and hearings.

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