Civil Marriage Ceremonies

The judges of St. Louis County perform civil marriage ceremonies on Wednesday afternoons (see Marriage Ceremony Schedule below). Effective July 11, 2001 a marriage license from St. Louis County is required. Marriage licenses from other counties and from other states will not be accepted.

Getting the Marriage License

To obtain a license in St. Louis County, go to the Recorder of Deeds office in the Administration Building at 41 S. Central, Clayton. The office is on the fourth floor.

Effective August 28, 2007 Missouri state law will no longer require that a marriage license be obtained a minimum of three working days prior to the ceremony.

Marriage Ceremony Information


  • The St. Louis County judges perform the civil marriage ceremonies as a public service. Under state statute no fees may be charged.
  • No reservations will be accepted, ceremonies are performed in the order that the paperwork was completed.
  • No ceremonies will be performed outside the Courts Building or on different days or times.
  • The only documents required are the Marriage License and Certificate you received from the St. Louis County Recorder of Deeds.
  • Each judge has his or her own ceremony, no personal vows are allowed.
  • The length of the ceremony depends on the judge, but the average ceremony is approximately 3-5 minutes.
  • The judge will be available until all couples that have their paperwork completed are married.
  • Rings may be exchanged, they are not required.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the courtroom.
  • No cell phones or audible pagers are allowed in the courtroom.
  • Witnesses are allowed but not required.
  • Family and friends may join you, but courtroom space is limited. Each courtroom holds approximately 80 people and we average 28 couples per week.
  • Still and video cameras are allowed
  • Attire, at the minimum, should be business casual - no shorts, halter or tank tops are permitted. Formal attire is allowed.
  • People who appear to be intoxicated or high on any controlled substance will be turned away.
  • Parking is not provided
  • You will be coming through building security - no weapons or knives of any kind will be permitted


Marriage Ceremony Schedule

  • Where: St. Louis County Courts Building, 105 South Central Ave. Clayton, Missouri
  • When: Wednesday afternoon
  • The licenses are prepared starting at 12:00p.m. in Room 13S.
  • Wedding ceremonies will begin at approximately 1:00p.m. You will be directed to the appropriate division once your paperwork has been completed.
  • No marriages performed on state holidays.   (Holidays 2017)




    • The St. Louis County Recorder of Deeds, Marriage License Department issues marriage licenses. If you have questions about getting a marriage license, please visit their web page or call 314-615-3747.
    • For questions concerning the civil marriage ceremony, please call 314-615-2666.



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