St. Louis County Police Department
Office of Emergency Management

Tornado Warning Exercise Evaluation 2020
For the March 3 Drill

Did you participate in the "tornado warning" portion of this exercise?

(Please return this form even if you did not participate.)
What time did you receive the warning?
How did you first receive the "warning"? (Please do not rely solely on outdoor warning sirens, "Nextel", or telephone notification.)
Briefly describe your tornado warning procedures.
How long did it take to complete the tornado warning evacuation procedure?
Remarks, comments, and suggestions on the overall exercise:
Do you have an operational "tone-alert" weather radio?

Is amateur radio part of your emergency operations plan?

Do you have on-site severe weather observers?

Do you have a two-way radio system for school communications? (Not Nextel phones.)

Please submit by March 31, 2020

Outdoor warning siren malfunction reports and questions: 314-615-9551