Judge Renee' Hardin-TammonsThe Honorable Renee' Hardin-Tammons

Judge Renee' Hardin-Tammons was appointed in 2003 by St. Louis County Executive George R. (Buzz) Westfall to serve as municipal division judge of St. Louis County Municipal Court, North Division.

Judge Hardin-Tammons received her B.S. from University of Missouri, Cum Laude in 1986 and her J.D. from University of Missouri-Columbia in 1989.

Shortly after graduating from Law School, Judge Hardin-Tammons worked as Assistant Public Defender in St. Louis County.

In 1991 she left the Public Defender's Office to become Assistant County Counselor in St. Louis County, MO. In that position she prosecuted Ordinance violations and defended St. Louis County in various areas, including Personal Injury, Employment and Condemnation.

In 1999 Judge Hardin-Tammons was appointed by the Berkeley City Council to serve as Municipal Judge for the City of Berkeley. There she presided over Ordinance, Traffic and Housing violations until appointment to the St. Louis County Municipal Court.

Judge Hardin-Tammons is associated with Dubail Judge, P.C. and has a general practice with an emphasis on Traffic and Criminal matters.

She lives in St. Louis County with her husband and their son.