Police Basic Training Notices

Scheduled Basic Recruit Classes - 2017 Dates


Class # 193

  • Start Date:  June 26th, 2017
  • Graduation Date:  December 14th, 2017

Class # 194

  • Start Date:  January 2, 2018
  • Graduation Date:  TBD
  • Open Enrollment Graduates

    If your department is looking for trained, qualified individuals who have completed the Academy, and your chief or personnel officer wishes to view the files of the Open Enrollment graduates, contact St. Louis County Personnel Services at 314-615-4273.

    Physical Training Test Dates

    Pre-Entry Physical Training Assessment are done by appointment only, made by client agencies. Tests are not done at the request of individual applicants. Agencies are asked to send a department representative with their applicant(s). To reserve a date, please e-mail Sgt. John Wall or call him at 314-889-8618.

    For more information on the Pre-Entry Physical Training Assessment, click here.

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