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Part 1 - Preparation

The St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy will be a challenge. You will be expected to work hard and to achieve much in the twenty-five weeks that you will spend as a recruit. You will have to develop many new skills and push yourself until you are in top shape both mentally and physically. You will be required to master a variety of new subjects in preparation to be an effective police officer for your community.

And there won't be very much time to do it all.

If you haven't been in school for a while, or if you weren't the best of students when you were, the challenge will be especially great. This first section of our Basic Learning Skills program will tell you how best to prepare yourself for these new academic challenges. You will be introduced to the approach and attitude toward your studies that creates the most successful recruit.


First, click the play button and watch the video below. Pay attention to the information provided, because you will be using it in the exercise that follows.


When you are finished viewing, you should complete a short essay describing what you will be doing, prior to the beginning of class, to prepare yourself for study. Use the suggestions made in the presentation as a starting point for what you write. The essay doesn't need to be long - a couple of paragraphs should be enough - but it should be thoughtful.

Write your essay in the form below. You may, if you wish, compose the essay in a word processor and then copy it into the form. When you are finished, press the "Send Essay" button. Do not close the window while working on the essay, or you will lose your work.

You will receive a confirmation that the essay was sent and you will receive auto-generated feedback by return email. Only submissions by St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy Recruits will actually be read by the Learning Skills Instructors. We will contact recruits if there are concerns about the submissions. Be sure that your email address is accurate, or we will be unable to respond to you.

Preparation Essay Form

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Next Step

When you are finished with the video and essay, you are ready to move on to the next section of the Basic Learning Skills program. Go to the next section by clicking the [Next] button below. To go to the Learning Skills Introduction page, click the [Return to Intro Page] button. To go to other pages, use the menu on the left of this page.

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