St. Louis County Crime Laboratory

Frequently Asked Questions

DNA Analysis

Q: What kind of blood tube is needed for DNA analysis?

Q: What does the expiration date on the sexual assault kits mean, should they be thrown out if they are expired?

Q: Why do I need to submit standards from my suspect(s) and victim(s)?

Q: What is meant by a standard?

Q: What is a secondary standard and why don't you use secondary standards for comparison?

Q: What type of education is required for employment?

Q: How do I submit evidence to be tested by the laboratory?

Q: Do you do paternity testing on criminal cases?

Q: Can I use tap water to collect a bloodstain?

Q: Why does it take so long to get the results of my case?

Q: Why don't you just do DNA on all of my samples, not just the ones you pick?

Q: Why do the reports contain so much unnecessary information? All I want to know is whether it is a match or not.

Q: What do the statistics in my report mean?

Q: Why can't I package items in plastic?

Q: Can DNA analysis be done on hair?

Q: What is mitochondrial DNA testing?

DNA Profiling

Q: Who is required to provide a DNA sample for entry into the Missouri DNA Data Bank?

Q: What is CODIS?

Q: On what types of cases can a CODIS search be conducted?

Q: What does a CODIS hit mean?

Q: How long will the DNA profiles stay in CODIS?

DNA Profiling - Law Enforcement

Q: How can I get my case searched in CODIS?

Q: How can I get my case searched against other states?

Q: How can I find out if a particular individual is in the database?

Q: My case matched a convicted offender in CODIS. Do I need to obtain a reference standard from the offender for the SLCPD Lab?

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