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Municipal Services and Contracting

Introduction to Municipal Services

Members of the Municipal Services Unit serve as liaison officers who work closely with law enforcement and other governmental agencies throughout Missouri and Illinois to deliver professional and quality law enforcement services.

In addition to cooperating and working with other agencies, the Municipal Services Unit prepares and maintains contracts for a variety of services. In 1955, the St. Louis County Police Department became the second county in the nation authorized to formally establish contractual partnerships. Throughout the years, contracting remains an important facet of the Department's philosophy of providing professional services.

Today, the St. Louis County Police Department is the largest provider of contracted law enforcement services in the State of Missouri - contracting with 71 agencies for a variety of services (see Service Agreements and Partnerships). These services include Patrol, Dispatching and a record management system known as Computer Assisted Report Entry (CARE). When contracting for law enforcement services, the St. Louis County Police strive to work closely with the Municipal Police and Government officials. Since no two communities have the exact same needs, the Municipal Services Unit will customize the delivery of service to meet the needs of the community. Upon weighing the affects of municipal contracting, communities will realize a reduction in operating expenses and personnel costs. In Patrol Service agreements, the officers assigned to the contractual city become valuable additions to the city and work out of the city facilities, providing the same police/community relations as expected from professional law enforcement. Markings on patrol vehicles and officer's uniforms identify our partnership with the city and continue to provide autonomy for the citizens. Additional facets of contracting can be learned by contacting members of the Municipal Services Unit.

In addition, through the Municipal Services Unit, Chief Jon Belmar offers support functions to all municipal departments. All four divisions: Patrol, Special Operations, Criminal Investigation and Operational Support are effectively utilized. Some examples are: the ability to provide patrol during emergencies or special needs; tactical officers to respond to hostage or barricaded subject calls; a state of the art crime laboratory and investigative assistance for major crimes such as murder, rape or child abuse; and the ability to answer re-routed 911 calls countywide.

The Municipal Services Unit also commands the Media Relations officer. The primary responsibility of the Media Relations officer is to distribute information reflecting the activities and performance of the Department to the public by way of print, broadcast and electronic media. Vital to this objective are the Department's Internet site, press releases, cable channel program Priority One and bi-weekly newsletter, the Information Digest.

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For more information, or to discuss municipal contracting, please contact:

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Lieutenant Aaron Schafer, Commander
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