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Hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people are connected to the Internet at any given time. Not all of them are nice people. Listed below are some links for parents who wish assistance in teaching their children about Internet Safety.
NetSmartz Workshop A collection of age-appropriate games, videos and other materials designed for kids, teens, parents, educators and law enforcement personnel. All resources teach important lessons regarding the dangers of the Internet. Some of the teen-age material, told by teens, is pretty hard-hitting. The games may be a bit daunting for adults, but game-savvy kids should have no problems. Some resources work better with a fast Internet connection.
Internet Safety 101's introduction to cybersafety includes basic rules for keeping your kids safe online, and some suggestions on what to teach your kids about the Internet, email, sexting, and chat rooms. There are lots of explanations, for parents that aren't all that computer aware, and the suggestions are practical. The site has lots of ads, but they are worth reading around for the good information.
FBI - Parent's Guide to Internet Safety Useful information, including safety suggestions, signs that your child may be at risk of exploitation on the Internet, and a glossary of Internet terms.
Child Safety on the Internet Highway - 2013 - 20th Anniversary Edition Guidelines from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It is an update of an older site, but the information is refreshed and built on 20 years of experience.
NCMEC Publication Links Keeping Kids Safer on the Internet - publication.

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