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St. Louis County Police Department offers a wide variety of services to its citizens and visitors. The links on this page will allow you to explore some of the more important and most used of these. Feel free to contact the Department if you have other needs, using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Links to Service Descriptions

  Patrol Services
The Division of Patrol maintains a uniform presence 24 hours a day and provides our citizens with highly trained officers who respond to any emergency and call for service. The concepts and ideals of Neighborhood Policing are implemented into daily activities through the Neighborhood Policing Officers in each precinct. To complement the patrol officers, the division maintains our Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) and School Resource Officer programs.
  Specialized Services
The Division of Special Operations bureaus, units and sub-units provide specialized law enforcement assistance upon request throughout St. Louis County and areas requesting assistance. The entire Division is interdependent of each other to ensure that all strategic plans and goals are met. The Division shares a vision to constantly evaluate and improve our efforts to the changing needs of the community for a better quality of life. Find out more about these many services on this page.
  Criminal Investigative Services
The Division of Criminal Investigation provides an array of investigative services for St. Louis County Police Department, and many of the municipal police departments in the county. From the highly trained and experienced crime scene investigators, to a state-of-the-art crime lab, to detectives specializing in the investigation of a variety of crimes against persons and property, to specialized units dealing with family and child-centered crimes, drugs, explosives, and computer crimes, St. Louis County is at the forefront of investigative services.
  Operational Support/CARE and Communications Services
Two of the Division of Operational Supports bureaus are especially important to the Department's position as an innovator in the field of law enforcement technology: the Bureau of Computer Services and Bureau of Communications. These two bureaus develop and use the newest computer technology available to law enforcement. For instance, Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) and the multi-jurisdictional Emergency 911 system have greatly reduced the time to locate and send the closest available police unit to an emergency call for service. Computer-Assisted Report Editing (CARE) assures timely and accurate reporting, and CrimeMatrix software, developed by the Department, is a powerful tool for finding criminals.
  Central Police Records
The St. Louis County Police Bureau of Central Police Records is located in room B-013, on the street level (accessible from either Central, Meramec Avenue or the Memorial Park entrance) of the Police Headquarters Building at 7900 Forsyth in Clayton, Missouri. The Bureau is open to the public from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)and provides the following services: Criminal History Record Checks, Police Reports and Traffic Accident Reports, Sex Offender Registration, Conceal Carry Permits, Security Officer Licensing, and Fingerprinting Services. More information on the Bureau page.
  Neighborhood Policing
St. Louis County Police and area neighborhoods have joined together in a partnership. This partnership is the foundation of St. Louis County's own philosophy of neighborhood policing. By working together we can find lasting solutions to problems that affect our community. Find out more here.
  Crisis Intervention Team
The St. Louis Area Crisis Intervention Team (CIT Coordinating Council) delivers positive law enforcement crisis intervention service to people with mental illness in the St. Louis area. It does so through cooperative community partnerships of law enforcement, mental health service providers, consumers, families, and advocates, and by offering coordinating and enhancing services to people with mental illness and/or substance abuse problems through law enforcement-based Crisis Intervention Teams.
Downloadable copy of permit for parades and special events, and brochure on the requirements.
  Vacation Inspection
The Vacation Inspection Program is a service offered to St. Louis County Residents by the St. Louis County Police Department. Upon your request, an officer will check your residence daily while you are on vacation.

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