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Division of Criminal Investigation Services


The Division of Criminal Investigation serves as the formal investigative branch of our Department and is divided into six separate Bureaus - Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property, Drug Enforcement, Criminal Identification, Fugitive Affairs, and Administration.

Years of experience culminate to an assignment in the Bureau of Crimes Against Persons. These detectives are responsible for the successful prosecution of perpetrators who have committed murder, rape or robbery, as well as other violent acts against family members and society. The following units operate with in the Bureau of Crimes Against Persons.

Homicide/Assault Unit: Detectives assigned to this unit respond to and investigate homicides, suicides, suspicious deaths, fatal automobile accidents, and serious assaults.

Robbery Unit: Robbery detectives respond to and investigate robberies of establishments and complete follow up investigations on reports of street robberies. In addition, these detectives teach robbery prevention seminars to business and neighborhood groups.

Sexual Assault Unit: Detectives investigate reports of rapes, and sexual assault where the victim is an adult. They assist the victims in receiving support through the court and community services.

Family Crime Unit: Detectives assigned to the Family Crime Unit provide interdiction and work to reduce domestic violence and child abuse. These detectives also investigate missing person cases.


Their counterpart in the division is the Bureau of Crimes Against Property. These detectives, along with securing the arrest of criminals, are responsible for reuniting the victims of larcenies, burglaries and auto theft with their property, as well as investigating suspicious fires and explosive related incidents. The following units operate with in the Bureau of Crimes Against Property.

Burglary Unit: Detectives assigned to the Burglary Unit work out of the precinct stations and investigate burglaries occurring within the precinct boundaries.

General Assignment Unit: Detectives investigate felony thefts, credit card frauds, computer crimes, and bad checks. In addition, detectives teach fraud and theft prevention seminars to business and neighborhood groups.

Auto Theft Unit: Auto theft detectives investigate vehicle thefts, re-tagging operations and track recovered stolen vehicles. Detectives also conduct inspections at tow yards and automobile dealers to ensure compliance with state and local regulations.

Arson & Explosives Unit: The Arson and Explosives Unit is manned with detectives trained by the FBI and the National Fire Academy, who render safe explosive devices and work with local fire districts to combat arson. In addition, the unit employs a K-9 who is trained to identify accelerants used in arson.


Detectives are also assigned to the Bureau of Drug Enforcement where members target drug dealers and capture information about gang member activities. The following units operate with in the Bureau of Drug Enforcement.

Asset / Intelligence Unit: Detectives assigned to the asset / intelligence unit track property and cash seizures made by the other units within the bureau and make application with state and federal officials for obtaining forfeiture of these items. In addition, the unit employs a K-9's who are trained to locate hidden narcotics through smell.

Special Investigations Unit: Undercover detectives investigate complaints of prostitution activity, sexual misconduct crimes, and illegal liquor sales.

Undercover Unit: Detectives go undercover as narcotic dealers and drug buyers to infiltrate drug cartels who are manufacturing and distributing illegal narcotics.

Anti-Gang Unit: Anti - Gang Unit apprehends gang members that are involved in street level narcotic sales and weapon violations. Also, detectives track known gang members with the G.I.A.N.T. computer system. In addition, Anti-Gang Unit Detectives conduct gang awareness training for parents and teachers.

Airport Interdiction Unit: Detectives work with Drug Enforcement Administration agents in monitoring passengers for narcotics smuggling at Lambert International Airport.

Federal Detached Detectives: St. Louis County Detectives are allocated directly to the following federal agencies to assist with investigations in St. Louis County: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, and Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms.


Detectives assigned to the Bureau of Criminal Identification support the other detectives with expert services. The following units operate with in the Bureau of Criminal Identification:

Crime Scene Unit: Detectives assigned to the Crime Scene Unit work to locate, photograph, collect and preserve physical evidence from crime scenes which will forever link the perpetrator to an offense. In addition, to scenes investigated by our Department, Crime Scene detectives process all Major Case Squad scenes within our venue.

Property Control Unit: Detectives log, store and maintain all seized evidence for use during criminal prosecution. Following court hearings the evidence is released back to the owner or sold at auction.

Fingerprint Unit: Fingerprint examiners assist in identifying suspects through comparing fingerprints found at crime scenes to known offenders. The Department uses a highly advanced Automated Fingerprint Identification System that contains the fingerprint records of those arrested, both in St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis. Now linked with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, this system provides access to a statewide network of identification information.

Crime Laboratory:Provides a fully trained staff of Forensic Scientists and Photo Technicians, capable of conducting forensic examinations of evidence collected, such as controlled substance identification, fire debris or DNA/PCR analysis, along with evaluation of firearms related evidence through the NIBIN/IBIS network and provides photographic support with automated film processing services to include digital imaging.

Prisoner Conveyance Unit: Officers assigned to prisoner conveyance are responsible for transporting suspects from the St. Louis County Police Precincts, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and municipal police departments within St. Louis County to the St. Louis County Justice Center in Clayton.


Once a suspect is identified, the Bureau of Fugitive Affairs is responsible for locating and arresting those suspects formally charged in arrest warrants by the courts.

Fugitive Affairs: Fugitive Affairs Detectives coordinate the return of criminals who have fled the state to other regions and return them to Missouri for trial or incarceration.


Rounding out the Division of Criminal Investigation is the Bureau of Administration which provides support services to all of the various detectives. The following units work with in the Administration Bureau:

Polygraph Unit: Polygraph examiners administer lie detector tests to suspects and witnesses at the request of the investigating detective. Also, the prosecuting attorneys office utilizes the polygraph unit to verify subjects accounts before a trial. In addition, tests are given to employment applicants.

Neighborhood Policing Officer: The division neighborhood policing officer compiles and analyzes crimes statistics to discover significant crime trends or patterns. Detectives and officers are informed of the results through crime bulletins. In addition, the officer assists detectives with public relation events.

Word Processing Center: Word processing specialists transcribe hand written and voice dictated notes from detectives into an investigative report. The investigative report is presented to the prosecuting attorney for criminal prosecution.


The Division of Criminal Investigation is located on the second floor of the police headquarters at 7900 Forsyth Blvd. In addition, to these investigative activities, the Division of Criminal Investigation provides support to the Department's Neighborhood Policing initiatives. Detectives are available to answer questions regarding their respective specialty of criminal investigation.

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