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Division of Special Operations Services

The Division of Special Operations, an integral part of the St. Louis County Police Department, consists of specially trained Officers, Emergency Management Specialists, specialized vehicles, specialized equipment, K-9 Units, Merto-Air Support, Metro-Link Support, a Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator, Court Security, and Chaplains that maintain readiness 24/7. Special Operations is recognized as a diverse and progressive unit that assists the entire Police Department and the community to keep St. Louis County a safe place. The Bureau of Patrol Support utilizes the Tactical Operations Unit which responds to hostage negotiations, barricaded suspects, search warrants, and any unusual situation or event that requires the use of specialized training and tactics. The Metro Air Support Unit, the Highway Safety Team, and the Police Canine Unit provide additional support to the Police Department.

Special Operations bureaus, units and sub-units provide specialized law enforcement assistance upon request throughout St. Louis County and areas requesting assistance. The entire Division is interdependent of each other to ensure that all strategic plans and goals are met. The Division shares a vision to constantly evaluate and improve our efforts to the changing needs of the community for a better quality of life. The St. Louis County Police, Division of Special Operations, maintains the highest level of respect, integrity, teamwork and excellence for the citizens we serve.

Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Operations CenterThe Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is tasked with preparing members of local government, law enforcement, and the public and private sectors to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. The OEM staff works directly with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), and is responsible for outdoor warning sirens and SkyWarn programs. The OEM has its own Website at

MetroLink Unit

Established in 1993, MetroLink St. Louis County officers on a Metrolink a cooperative effort with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and the St. Clair County, Illinois, Sheriff's Department. St. Louis County Police has the largest contingent of officers along the line, with one County Police Captain acting as commander,six sergeants and 37 officers. 
MetroLink provides support functions at special events such as Fair St. Louis, Mardi Gras, professional sports, parades, concerts and festivals. With the opening of the Cross County Extension in the Summer of 2006, eight miles of track were added to the line with the light rail system now running south from the Forest Park stop to Shrewsbury at Highway 44. Metro is currently conducting site studies to extend MetroLink.

Bureau of Patrol Support

St. Louis County TACT at the readyThe Tactical Operations Unit is the region's only fully dedicated Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team and maintains a high degree of readiness to serve the Department in a variety of situations. Eighteen police officers, two sergeants and a captain maintain 24-hour readiness to meet the tactical or special needs of our Department or any requesting agency. The Unit is capable of dealing with hostage situations, armed and barricaded subjects, suicidal persons and executes all search warrants issued in St. Louis County. Other duties include dignitary protection such as Presidential motorcades, crowd control, coordinating large-scale ground searches, and funeral escorts for prominent citizens and honor guards at funerals and other special functions. The Tactical Operations Unit continually updates and maintains the latest in tactical equipment, technology and training, enabling it to successfully complete any mission in the safest manner possible, thus retaining its rich tradition of being one of the finest tactical units in the nation.

The Metro Air Support Unit, initially organized as the Flight Operations Unit in 1971, merged with the Tactical Operations Unit in 1989. Chief Jerry Lee explored options that successfully revitalized the Unit, making it more cost effective and productive. A consolidated flight unit was initiated by merging operations with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Metro Air Support helicopterand the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department. The Air Support Unit consists of one St. Louis County and one St. Louis Metropolitan sergeant; four St. Louis County and four St. Louis Metropolitan police officers, along with one St. Charles County deputy. The Unit is equipped with five helicopters utilizing the latest in night vision and GIS technology, and one fixed wing aircraft. These resources enhance our ability to provide services that include aerial surveillances and searches as well as high-rise building and swift water rescue. Additionally, the Unit routinely monitors major industrial installations and infrastructure that may be potential terrorist targets. The Metro Airborne Law Enforcement Foundation, enlisting local area corporate sponsors, is in place to ensure that this valuable resource will remain viable for years to come.

The Spirit of St. Louis Airport Detail, which is a subordinate group within the Unit, was formed shortly after the events of September 11, 2001. St. Louis County officer and his canine partnerThis Detail of six officers provides 24-hour patrol presence and support for the County's general aviation airport. This Detail also provides security for special events and dignitaries arriving and departing via private aircraft. In addition, it performs an integral function in the credentialing system for access control to the airport property. Being one of the first police units employed in this capacity, it has received numerous inquiries from throughout the nation regarding its organization and procedures.

The Police Canine Unit consists of one sergeant and six police officers. Since March of 2005 the Police Canine Unit has provided Canine services to the St. Louis County Police Department. The unit utilizes specially trained dogs in suspect apprehension, searching for lost/missing persons, narcotics detection, and locating explosives and other evidence. The Unit assists Tactical Operations during tactical situations.

The Highway Safety Unit consists of one sergeant and six officers. Established in 2002, with a St. Louis County Police Highway Safety vehiclesgrant provided by the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Unit engages in traffic law enforcement on State and interstate highways in St. Louis County with the goal of voluntary compliance and a reduction in the number of motor vehicle accidents. Since it's inception the Unit has issued over 40,000 citations and, with the periodic use of sobriety checkpoints, has arrested over 950 intoxicated drivers. The Highway Safety Unit recently entered into a partnership with the Missouri Department of Transportation and Monsanto in promoting the use of an educational curriculum known as "CRASH, The Science of Collisions". The program assists area high schools with implementing traffic safety benefits with science and learning. The unit is an active member in the local Coalition of the Blueprint for Roadway Safety program.

Crisis Intervention Team

The Crisis Intervention Team consists of one sergeant who is responsible for the coordination of the CIT program, which includes 40-hour basic CIT Training and Continuing Education. The CIT has its own Website at

Bureau of Security Services

Since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the security of all Security Services at the St. Louis County Justice Centergovernment buildings has taken on even greater importance than before. The Bureau of Security Services provides security for all of St. Louis County Government, including the Justice Center in Clayton. Security officers hired by the Department have to meet the same kind of high standards of competence and integrity that the citizens of the County have come to expect of their law enforcement personnel. These security officers are dedicated to maintaining the safety of County personnel and of the citizens who transact business at County Government facilities.

Department Chaplains

The Office of the Chaplains provides spiritual counseling and assistance to members of the Department and their families as requested. The Chaplains maintain a presence at all Department functions, including the Annual Memorial Breakfast and Service.

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