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GIS Data CDs


  • ArcView Shapefile format
  • Compatible with ESRI ArcGIS Products
  • State Plane Coordinate System, Missouri East, NAD1983 Feet
  • CD 1 contains Base Map layers (e.g. jurisdictional boundaries, political areas, streets, etc.)
  • CD 2 contains Parcel Data (e.g. parcel boundaries, ownership, valuation, etc.)
  • Published: July 2016
  • Cost: $15.27 each

To order GIS Data CDs

  1. DOWNLOAD the DATA CD order form.
  2. PRINT the PDF order form.
  3. FILL OUT the form - calculate and include the total cost of your order.
  4. MAIL or FAX the order form to the address or fax number listed on the form along with your check, money order, purchase order or purchase order number (may be used ONLY when faxing order). 

 Please note: No software is provided with the GIS datasets.

St. Louis County does not warrant the accuracy or fitness for use of the datasets described herein. Hardware and/or software incompatibilities are the responsibility of the user. Moreover, as non-physiographic features are regularly updated, the data contained on this CD may not reflect the most current data available. St. Louis County assumes no responsibility for notifying users of updates, revisions, or correction of errors. For these and other reasons the user is cautioned to use the data within the limits inherent in each dataset.

Data Order Form

GIS Data CD Content


To Order Data Contact:

Tracy Hill

Imaging Technician

St. Louis County Records Center

10275 Page Industrial Ct

St. Louis, MO 63132

Phone: 314.615.3715

Fax: 314.615.3730


For Questions about Data Contact:

Melisa McLean

GIS Manager

St. Louis County GIS Service Center

Phone: 314.615.4GIS (4447)