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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

General Overview

St. Louis County Ordinance No. 26352 establishes and authorizes the operation of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program by Saint Louis County Department of Public Health. The St. Louis County Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (or PDMP) monitors the prescribing and dispensing of schedule II-IV controlled substances to assist in the identification and prevention of prescription drug misuse and abuse. 

 Program Goals

Improve controlled substance prescribing by providing critical information regarding a patient’s controlled substance prescription history.

Inform clinical practice by identifying patients at high-risk who would benefit from early interventions

Reduce the number of people who misuse, abuse, or overdose while making sure patients have access to safe, effective treatment.

Current State

The program launched in 2017 with 14 participating jurisdictions.  Currently, 75 jurisdictions are participating in the program and these 75 jurisdictions cover 85% of the state’s population. 

Frequently Asked Questions

PDMP Fact Sheet

Public Health PDMPs & HIPAA

PDMP Program Update


Registration Information

Registration can be completed two ways.

Individual Provider Registration

  • Healthcare providers can register individually at Individual registration for healthcare providers will always be available.
  • A registration guide can be found here: PDMP Registration Guide
  • Physicians and pharmacists may supervise and delegate access to the PDMP. Information on delegate access can be found here: PDMP Delegate Users
  • All users must upload validation documentation before their registration will be processed. A list of authorized users and associated required documentation can be found here: PDMP validation documentation.

Mass Provider Registration (by an employer – hospital, health system, medical group, etc.)

  • St. Louis County PDMP is offering the opportunity for a health system, hospital, medical group, or healthcare practice to bulk register their healthcare providers in the PDMP. This assists the health system in ensuring all providers have access to the PDMP and removes the burden of registration from healthcare providers. There is an associated cost to participate in mass registration; see Mass Provider Registration for more details.
  • There is no limit on the number of providers that can be registered as part of mass registration and no minimum number of providers to register in order to participate.
  • Health systems will need to contact St. Louis County PDMP ([email protected]) as soon as possible if interested in participating in mass registration. Health systems will need to sign a change order (contract) to participate in mass registration, and St. Louis County PDMP will facilitate this process.
  • Mass registration will be offered twice per year in February and August (see Mass Provider Registration for more details.
  • Health systems must provide information related to each healthcare provider they wish to register as part of the mass registration process. Each type of healthcare provider (user role) requires different information, and the mass registration template file has a tab for each user role. The registration template can be found Here. In the template, each column represents a required field, and one row is to be filled out per user. Additional instructions are on the ‘Instructions’ tab of the template.
  • Contact the St. Louis County PDMP ([email protected] or 314-615-0522) for more information.

Registration Tutorial


Subscribing Counties

The PDMP implementation cycles with participating jurisdictions, links to associated legislation, and important dates can be found here: PDMP Subscribing Counties
The St. Louis County Department of Public Health is implementing, operating, and maintaining the PDMP and will act as the administrator. Other jurisdictions can participate or subscribe to the St. Louis County PDMP; those jurisdictions are considered subscribing counties. A subscribing county is a county or jurisdiction that has enacted appropriate legislation authorizing participation in the St. Louis County PDMP and has engaged in a User Agreement with St. Louis County.



PDMP Participation Map


Dispenser/Data Submitter Information

A complete Data Submission Guide detailing dispenser duties and obligations under the program can be viewed here: PDMP Data Submission Guide. Dispensers can submit test data to the PDMP; instructions for test data submission can be found here: PDMP Test Data Submission.

Dispensers in subscribing counties are notified via letter; sample letters can be found here: Dispenser Letters. For jurisdiction-specific letters, please contact your local public health agency.

The PDMP Rules approved by St. Louis County Council on March 28, 2017 can be found here: PDMP Rules and Regulations.

Dispensers requesting an exemption from reporting to the PDMP must complete the Dispenser Exemption Form.

PDMP - Reports

Data Requests

Patients may request their own dispensation information. To request dispensation information, contact [email protected] or 314-615-0522 to make an appointment and complete the Authorization to Release Protected Health Information (PHI) Form

Requests must be made in-person at the address below. Requestors will need to provide their current driver’s license or other valid government-issued photo identification and sufficient proof of the authorization or delegation from the patient if you are requesting information on another person. Proof of authorization or delegation would include birth certificate, power of attorney, or advanced directive.

St. Louis County Department of Public Health.  6121 N. Hanley Road.  Berkeley, MO 63134


Program Contact Information

Contact: PDMP Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 314-615-0522