Pollenator Pantry

St. Louis County Park's Pollinator Pantry

The Pollinator Pantry program is an education outreach program of the St. Louis County Parks that promotes creating pollinator friendly landscaping in the St. Louis County region.

The Pollinator Pantry program's goal is to introduce the public to our primary pollinators, offer pollinator friendly food plant suggestions suitable for home landscape use and instruct the public about the basic landscape care and habitat requirements so home landscapes can "bee" beautiful AND functional while supporting pollinators as done in our parks.

Pollenator Pantry

Guide to Primary Pollinators

Pollinator insects and hummingbirds play an important role in our gardens and our food chain. There are many different pollinating creatures and all have their own way of carrying and transferring pollen. These primary groups are some of the easiest pollinators to attract, easiest to see, most efficient, most common, least aggressive or just fun to find and watch. Representing each group, we’ve nominated a Pollinator Ambassador to help introduce you to other lower profile members of its kind. Some pollinators have been studied and some we are still learning about but all are beneficial in many ways and are needed to pollinate plants and help create our food! Learn More ...