Simpson Park

1234 Marshall Road

Park Hours
8 a.m. - 30 minutes past sunset

General Information / History
St. Louis County Parks and Recreation Department purchased the original 148 acres in 1976. In 1977, 33 acres were acquired from the Simpson Company, a sand, gravel and asphalt company. Another acquisition was completed in 1981 with the purchase of a one-acre lot from a private owner. Additional acquisitions of 16 acres have been made through Bond Issue funds and Federal Emergency Management Agency supported purchases of properties along the Meramec River.

The existing lake was created through a combined damming/dredging operation. A dam was constructed to impound water from Grand Glaize Creek. This allowed Simpson Sand and Gravel to float a dredge barge to dredge sand and gravel. This process in turn enlarged the lake. 

The park was dedicated on July 6, 1991.

The Blue Heron Pavilion was completed in June of 1994 with funds from the 1986 Bond Issue and was designed to withstand flooding.

Two L&WCF grants were received in 1992 and 1995 respectively for the construction of the asphalt lake shore trail in the park north of Marshall Road and the Meramec River Greenway Trail that extended the lake shore trail.

In 1996 Taco Bell donated funds for the installation of a soccer field, parking lot and a handicapped accessible fishing dock (lost in the 2017 flooding) located in the main section of the park near the Blue Heron Shelter.

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Features & Amenities
 + 72-acre lake with boat ramp (electric motors only)
 + Fishing
 + Playground
 + Trails
 + Picnic sites
 + Year-Round Restroom (under construction)
 + Athletic Fields
 + Reservable Shelter

INVASIVE SPECIES ALERT: The lake(s) at this park are known to be infested with Asian Carp. These fish can top 50 pounds and can leap 10 feet into the air when startled by boaters, which can cause serious injuries to passengers in moving boats and tear up gear. For more information, please click here.

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Park Postings:

(As of 3/6/18 8:00 a.m.)

Parks closed due to flooding:
Al Foster Trail
Sherman Beach and Chubb Trails along the river are no longer under water, but are sandy and muddy with debris blocking places.

*Riverside trail at Simpson is open, however there is a 50 ft. section at the eastern end that had to be re-routed.  The footing is sand and dirt. Users should be cautious of sand smears across the trail after rain events.

* Unger Park roads are open to the Riverside Trail Parking lot, however, the Riverside Trail remains closed beyond this parking lot

* The Bottomland Trail along Grant's Trail was severely damaged during periods of heavy rain. For safety reasons, this short trail has been closed. Plans are being developed to relocate the trail away from Gravois Creek.

* The east side of Cliff Cave Road including the field, River Bluff Trail and Spring Valley Trail are closed at Cliff Cave Park for construction.



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