Clean, Green and Beautiful

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The visual appearance of St. Louis County ought to reflect the value we hold of our community as a beautiful place to live, work and play. When you value something, it is apparent: you take care of it and nurture it.  St. Louis County’s Clean, Green and Beautiful initiative seeks to show that we value our neighborhoods, wherever they are located in our county, by keeping them:

Clean - free of litter, trash, dumping and neglected properties,

Green – less waste, more recycling, be friendly to the environment, and

Beautiful - beautifying neighborhoods and public spaces through improvements, such as community gardens, tree planting, and native landscaping


The Clean, Green and Beautiful program proposes to strengthen community pride through anti-litter, cleanup and beautification activities and education.  Knowing that we can make a greater impact collectively, this effort aims to increase civic involvement from businesses and citizens, as well as educate kids and adults alike in preventing litter and engaging in activities to improve the appearance of St. Louis County.

For more information please contact Debra Kricensky at  [email protected]

Annual Trash Bash 2017 Event   Registration Link
For more information please contact Ray Gawlik at  [email protected]