Subdivision Trustee Resource Center

The Department of Planning provides assistance and support to subdivision and homeowner associations and trustees.  We provide these services to citizens in unincorporated St. Louis County


Subdivision Trustee Roster

Since 1995, the Department of Planning has collected the names and addresses of trustees for subdivisions in unincorporated St. Louis County on a voluntary basis. 

This roster keeps trustees informed of St. Louis County activities and events. 

Roster trustees receive information and mailings about community meetings, workshops, new publications and other items of interest to subdivision and homeowner associations.

To be included or to update your subdivision’s trustee contact information, contact the Department of Planning at (314) 615-2520 or e-mail us directly at

For a listing of subdivisions included in the Subdivision Trustee Roster, click here

Workshop Presentations

The St. Louis County Department of Planning presented the Tools for Trustees Workshop on October 4, 2011 at the World Trade Center in Clayton, Missouri.

here to see the results from the discussion on best practices and tools that trustees use to address specific subdivision association related concerns. 

Click here to see presentations from past workshops.


Trustee Toolbox

The Heartland Chapter of  the Community Associations Institute provides information on Subdivision Association resources and services 

For more information visit CAI's website here

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about trust indentures, enforcement and the business of being an association.

Formatting Newsletters

Find helpful information for creating a subdivision newsletter

General Information about the Role of Subdivision Trustees
Learn more about the responsibilities of subdivision trustees.

How to File a Lien
Learn how to file a lien for failure to pay a required association assessment.

Updating Trust Indentures
Learn how to amend your subdivision indentures.

Violation Letter
Notify homeowners that they are in violation of an association rule.

Welcome Letter
Welcome new homeowners to your subdivision association.

County Resources

Streetlight Information Sheet (2011)
The Streetlight Information Sheet explains the process and costs associated with adding street lighting to unincorporated neighborhoods and subdivisions.

Native Landscaping: A Subdivision Association Guide for Converting Turf to Prairie (2011)

This guidebook will assist subdivisions who want to plant native plants in common ground as a means of reducing maintenance costs, creating healthy ecosystems and attractive neighborhoods.

Web Communications Guide (2010)
This publication is a how-to guide for subdivision trustees who want to use web communication tools at low or no cost.

Regulating Commercial Uses (2010, updated 2011)
This brochure is a citizen’s guide to regulations for land uses commonly brought up as concerns by residents – package liquor stores, pawn shops, small loan businesses, tattoo parlors, teen clubs and thrift stores. It is a supplement to the Ordinance Guidebook for Subdivisions. 

St. Louis County Ordinance Guidebook (2009, updated 2016) The Ordinance Guidebook is intended to provide a quick reference of St. Louis County laws and regulations that commonly affect everyday life in our subdivisions and neighborhoods.
Summertime Tips for Subdivision Trustees in Unincorporated St. Louis County (2017)
This brochure addresses common summertime issues ranging from block parties and garage sales to code violations, such as high grass and weeds.

Keeping it Clean: Organizing and Planning a Neighborhood Cleanup (2007, updated 2011)
The neighborhood clean-up guide is intended to help interested St. Louis County residents organize and carry out a neighborhood clean-up. 

Subdivision Trustee Resource Guidebook (2006, updated 2016)

The Subdivision Trustee Resource Guidebook is intended to help subdivision trustees and interested St. Louis County residents understand the issues surrounding the establishment and operation of subdivision associations.

Street Light Maintenance District Guidebook (2017)

Missouri state law allows street light districts to be created in unincorporated St. Louis County. This guidebook explains how to establish new street light districts, as well as provides information for boards of directors of existing street light districts.

Reference Library

Books and guides about community associations and neighborhood-related issues. All publications are available at the St. Louis County Department of Planning. 

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