Property Owner Advocate Program


We contract with individuals experienced in real estate, helping residential property owners with the reassessment appeal process.  This program is designed to ensure residents understand their rights, take the proper steps during the appeal process, and have the opportunity to experience St. Louis County’s customer friendly government attitude.

The Advocate Program is in session during the appeal season, which runs between May and August. For details. please visit the Board of Equalization’s web page:

Property Owner Advocate Objectives

  • Discuss your particular situation
  • Suggest options and appeal strategies
  • Assist in organizing evidence
  • Confirm appeal deadlines
  • Accompany you to hearings

Property Owner Advocates Cannot

  • Make determinations of value
  • Represent you at hearings
  • Change the laws and ordinances governing reassessments and taxes

Contacting a Property Owner Advocate

Information Required

  • Your name
  • Property address with zip code
  • Property locator number (if known)
  • All phone numbers where an Advocate can reach you
  • Best time to call you