Residential Rental Licensing - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Most Popular Questions

Q: How often do I need to apply for a Residential Rental License and what does it cost?
A: License applications are renewed annually.  There is no cost.
Q: Can I print out a paper application to complete and submit?
A: No. Application may only be made online through Accela Citizen Access. You will be required to create a login account (at no charge) to complete the application or claim exemption. Computer kiosks are available at the North Satellite Center, South Satellite Center and Main Administration Building (addresses below) for owners or agents who do not have suitable internet access for completing the application.
Q: What web browsers will the residential rental licensing application work with?
A: The application works with Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 32, Chrome 37, Opera 24, and Safari 6. Additional browser compatibility will be available in mid-2016.
Q: If I have already registered and have a login for other applications such as Residential Re-Occupancy or Building Permits, do I need to register again?
A: No. You should use the login you already have.
Q: What information do I need in order to apply?
A: Name, address and phone number of applicant
Address of each dwelling to be used as a residential rental
Name, address and phone number of each agent responsible for each listed property.
Q: What if the information I give changes?
A: You will need to file an amendment to the application.
Q: What if I buy more properties?
A: You will need to file a supplement to the application.
Q: What if I have outstanding fines imposed by the St. Louis County Municipal Court?
A: You must affirm that you have no outstanding fines as part of the application process.
Q: Do I have to provide trash service?
A: All properties in St. Louis County must be in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 607 SLCRO, Waste Management Code
Q: If I declare exemption from Residential Rental Licensing, does it need to be renewed?
A: Exemptions to Residential Rental Licensing shall remain valid and need not be renewed unless the circumstances change or cease.  Verification of the qualifications for the exemption may be periodically requested by St. Louis County.

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