Snow and Ice Removal Services

Snowplows Plowing Snow

The Department of Transportation Operations Division provides snow and ice removal services for approximately 3,100 lane miles of roadway throughout St. Louis County. Our standard operating procedure dictates that we first focus our snow removal efforts on the arterial and collector road systems. Due to their high traffic volume and their integral role as a lifeline to regional emergency and business services, these routes receive "high priority" status for winter service. It is the Department's official goal to provide bare pavement within the driving lanes of these routes within eight hours of the conclusion of a snowstorm. Even though subdivision and lesser traveled streets will be cleared as quickly as possible, those who reside on St. Louis County maintained routes should expect that their streets will be addressed no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of a storm.

During snow removal operations approximately 300 personnel work two 12-hour shifts to provide 24-hour service. Twenty-six tandem axle dump trucks, fifty-four single axle dump trucks and thirty-seven four-wheel-drive pickup trucks are dispatched to spread salt and plow snow. Thirty-seven thousand tons of de-icing salt is stored at five maintenance district substations strategically located throughout the County.

Weather forecasts are provided by a private forecasting company to obtain up-to-the-minute forecasts. Salt brine is applied to selected roadways up to 12 hours in advance of snow storms and salt is sometimes spread before the first snowflake falls in order to prevent snow from bonding to the pavement. This "anti-icing" strategy has proven to be a more cost effective method of snow removal.

The employees of the Operations Division ask for your continued patience and support during periods of inclement winter weather. During times of heavy snowfall plows may leave windrows across driveways. We realize that these plow-formed snowdrifts across driveway approaches create hardships for many residents but we do not possess the personnel or equipment to clean the tens of thousands of driveway approaches within our plowing jurisdiction.

We ask for your assistance:

  • When possible, a "clear zone" of 50 feet should be maintained between our truck and your vehicle to ensure that both you and our driver have adequate distance to maneuver.


  • Cars parked on the streets slow the snow removal effort and leave untreated areas scattered throughout routes. We request that all cars be parked in driveways during winter weather events to allow the Department to provide the most efficient service possible.


  • Please wait for 24 hours from the conclusion of a snowstorm before inquiring as to the status of snow removal on your street. When identifying a complaint, attempt to ascertain the agency responsible for maintenance of the roadway section you are inquiring about. Note that all roads maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) have number or letter route designations. All other routes, if not privately maintained, would fall under the maintenance purview of St. Louis County or a municipality.


  • Our 24-hour dispatch phone number is 314-615-1111, or we may be reached by e-mail.