Justice Center

On March 19, 2004, the St. Louis County Justice Center was rededicated "The Buzz Westfall Justice Center." Upon being elected CountyExecutive, one of Mr. Westfall's first initiatives was to pass a bond issue to construct a new state of the art jail.

Level 0

Kitchen; Warehouse; Laundry; Bureau of Criminal Identification Fingerprint Unit; Public Works

Level 1

Lobby Clerk Area; Visitor Waiting-Informational TV's; Bonding Window; Fugitive Warrants; Visitor Queuing; Vehicle Sally port; Transportation Staging; Law Enforcement Lobby; Intake Service Center; Facility Property Room and Release Waiting

Level 2

Public Defender's Office; Prosecuting Attorney's Office; Department of Justice Services' Programs Offices

Level 3

Master Control; Health Care Clinic; Medical/Mental Health Infirmary; Courtrooms/Lobby; Department of Justice Services' Administrative Offices

Levels 4-7

Direct Supervision Housing Units; Unit Control Area; Recreation Areas; Unit Support Area

Level 8

Indirect Supervision Housing Unit; Unit Control; Multipurpose rooms; Unit Support; Staff Dining Room