County Honored For ISO Rating

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County Honored For ISO Rating

St. Louis County is in an elite class now that the Insurance Services Office (ISO) has given the County’s Commercial Code Enforcement group its highest possible grade.
St. Louis County is just one of five communities in the entire country with a grade of “1,” and that’s great news for County residents and business owners. It also clearly demonstrates the local commitment to safe and proper construction practices.

On December 17, 2013, St. Louis County accepted a plaque commemorating its prestigious “1” grade. Presenting the award was Ralph Dorio, ISO Community Mitigation Manager, an official with the Insurance Services Office (ISO) – a New Jersey-based organization that examines communities’ commercial and residential building code programs. ISO assigns a “Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification” to the programs and then, on a contract basis, provides its findings to insurance companies.

St. Louis County’s Department of Public Works (Code Enforcement Division) received its“1” for its code enforcement of commercial and industrial property. It received a ‘2’ – in and of itself an excellent grade – for its code enforcement pertaining to one- and two-family residential properties.

In assigning its grades, ISO factors in a program’s work force size, scope of jurisdiction, the qualifications of inspectors (certifications, on-going training, etc.), number of inspections performed every day, plan reviews performed every day, quality control procedures, number of violations and number of permit people.