Nonprofit Solicitation Registration Chapter 804

Not-For-Profit Registration Process

Any nonprofit organization in St. Louis County soliciting funds from the community (public or business) shall first register with the Division of Licenses. An initial registration form must be completed with a one-time $10.00 fee. Instructions are provided with the form. If the organization has submitted to the State an application as a not-for-profit organization, then the County will accept a copy.

Instructions for Completion of Nonprofit Organization Registration and Annual Report Forms

The Initial Registration and Annual Report forms must be completed under oath. Upon completion of the initial registration and each Annual Report, the person filling out the form must sign each before a notary.

Include the name of the Professional Fundraising organization or individual Professional Fundraiser where appropriate.

With your initial registration, attach a cashier's check, money order, business check, or personal check (Payable to "St. Louis County Department of Revenue") in the amount of $10.00 plus ten cents ($.10) for each identification card to be issued. Each individual solicitor is required to have an identification card issued by the License Division.

The Annual Report form must be filed within seventy-five (75) days of the close of each of each fiscal year ending after the nonprofit organization files its initial registration. There is no fee required for filing the Annual Reports.

Prior to each solicitation campaign, the nonprofit organization must notify the License Division in writing of the campaign by completing the Campaign Form, the areas in the County where the solicitation will occur, and the number of individual solicitors who will be involved.

PLEASE NOTE: There are designated/restricted intersections that must be approved for campaign soliciting by our office 7 days in advance, but no more than 90 days which is a different process. There is also a 3 day restriction to use of these intersections. Please contact our office for more detailed information if you have questions as to completing Designated Restricted Intersection application to campaign at these intersections: Designated Restricted Intersection List.

The Initial Registration, Annual Reports, and notifications of solicitation campaigns are to be mailed to:

St. Louis County Department of Revenue
License Division

41 South Central Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63105
Phone: (314)615-4218