Post Third Sale Offerings


How The Process Works

Any parcels that are offered, but not sold in the 3rd sale offerings during the Collector's annual tax sale, and are not actually bid upon by the County, are held by the Collector of Revenue as "Post Third Sale Offerings".

The general public is invited to bid on these properties at any time outside of the tax sale.

For a list of properties currently held by the Collector of Revenue, instructions regarding the bidding process, and the bid form, please visit the document below. 

The list of properties is subject to change without notice.

Please utilize St. Louis County’s Real Estate Information to research any properties of interest, and to view the ‘Tax Amounts Due’, which represents the minimum bid amount (base taxes plus fees).

Be sure to read and adhere to the ‘Post Third Sale Instructions’. We cannot accept incomplete bids and do not provide notary services.

Questions regarding the tax sale or the "Post Third Sale Offerings"? Contact the Delinquent Tax Department during regular business hours at 314-615-7865.