Adopt-A-Roadside Program

Adopt-A-Roadside Application Form

Please read the following information before you provide the details:

  • An adopted roadside section shall be a maximum length of 1/2 mile and have sufficient green areas within the right-of-way to justify the need for litter pickup along the roadside. Adopted road sections on the same road shall abut one another, unless there is more then a 1/2 mile distance between adopted sections.
  • Recognition verbiage will be restricted to 18 characters per line, and two lines per sign. Only capital lettering, numerals, and punctuation will be permitted. Spaces, dashes, and punctuation will count as characters. No symbols or graphics will be allowed. Verbiage will be centered in each line when signs are fabricated. If only one line is used, larger characters will be used. The County reserves the right to edit recognition verbiage.

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    Adopter Name: *
    (May be an individual, family, company,     organization, or group)
    Adopter Representative:
    (Must be at least 21 years of age)
    Proposed Adopted County
     (If a section of County roadside has already     adopted, it is not eligible for adoption by another     adopter)

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    Proposed Limits of Adopted
   County Roadside:

(Name of intersecting streets)

    Are "Adopt-A-Roadside" Recognition Signs Requested? *
    (If yes, Saint Louis County will provide one sign at each end of the adopted roadside section; Please note, no
    "Adopt-A-Roadside" recognition signs will be erected along adopted roadside streets within a residential subdivision)
    If Recognition Signs Are Requested,
    Please Provide Recognition Verbiage:
     (Limited to two lines per sign, 18 characters per
     line; Use only CAPITAL lettering; Each letter,      numeral, space, and punctuation mark counts as
     one character)
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