St. Louis County Jury Information
Juror Pay

Jury pay is $10.00 per day, plus mileage. However, if you are selected as a juror in a particular case, the pay will increase to $18.00 per day, plus mileage.

The pay is set by state statute and can be supplemented by the county in which you live and serve. In St. Louis County the state mandated amount is supplemented by the county. Fees are not set by the judges in St. Louis County.

The pay is $10.00 per day for jurors who are not selected to serve on a jury. Jurors who are selected to serve on a jury are paid $12.00 per day. In addition, jurors who are selected to serve on a jury are paid an additional $6.00 per day (for a total of $18.00 per day).

Juror's receive one check for the total amount. The check is mailed to their home address approximately three weeks after their service is completed.

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