St. Louis County Circuit Court
Jury Service - Severe Weather Instructions

If it is announced that St. Louis County Government is closed, that does not mean that the courthouse is closed. The announcement must say that the St. Louis County Circuit Court is closed or that jurors who were to report to the St. Louis County Circuit Court should not report for that day.

We do contact the local television stations if we do close – however, it is best if you call the jury information line or check our website for the most current information.

You can do that by calling the jury information line at 314-615-2669. The message will be updated as the storm progresses and decisions are made or check the website at Safety/CircuitCourt. Click on EMERGENCY CLOSING INFORMATION.

If you have already reported and have been selected for a trial in a division, you must get instructions from that division. The phone numbers for the divisions are available on this website.

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