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Service Areas

Temporary Shelter Services
Services are provided up to 30 days for youth experiencing abuse, neglect, homelessness, or other issues.

Transitional Living Services
Counseling and related services are provided as part of a transitional living program aimed at successfully supporting and reintegrating a young person from a homeless living arrangement into a safe living space with opportunities for developing independent life skills.

Services to Teen Parents
Services and supports are provided to teen parents for the development of positive parenting skills, obtaining adequate counseling and behavioral health services, and resources and referrals for additional support needs.

Respite Care Services
Respite care services offer temporary emergency shelter and support services for children and youth of families to decrease the risk of abuse and neglect. Services are provided when families experience a crisis, or when families need a break from caregiving in order to maintain the child in the natural home setting.

Crisis Intervention Services
Services are provided in response to a mental health crisis resulting in acute destabilization of the client’s functioning in the community, and are focused on rapid restoration to baseline functioning. Crisis intervention services provide assessment and short-term treatment in an outpatient setting.

Prevention Services
Services are provided to children and youth with the goals of social-emotional skill building, enhancing coping skills, strengthening relationships and community engagement, and related skills. Acquisition of the skills and information addressed by prevention services decreases children and youth’s likelihood of developing mental health and substance use issues.

Home and Community Based Intervention Services
Home and community-based services are designed to allow children and youth to participate in a vast array of behavioral health services in the home and community settings. CSF affirms its commitment to serving individuals in the least restrictive environment by providing services and supports to children and their families to enable them to remain at home and in the community.

Individual, Group, and Family Counseling Services
Individual, group, and family counseling services include psychological evaluations, mental health screenings, and individual, group, and family therapy.

Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Services
Outpatient substance use treatment services include assessments and evaluations, early interventions, educational groups, youth group counseling, individual counseling, group family therapy, family therapy, and aftercare services.

Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Outpatient psychiatric treatment services include psychiatric evaluations to diagnose mental health issues and create treatment plans, as well as ongoing psychiatric treatment and medication management.

Per Statute, revenues cannot be expended for residential treatment, inpatient medical, inpatient psychiatric, and inpatient chemical dependency services, or for transportation services for children and youth.