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Change Management Engagement - RFP 2019-55-PR

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by Enslin, Edgar

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Change Management Engagement - RFP 2019-55-PR

CSF is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or organizations to provide management consulting services related to organizational change and conflict resolution programming. Selected consultant will be expected to conduct baseline analysis and develop a comprehensive plan for an organizational change program; design, coordinate and facilitate a series of individual and group development coaching sessions; and, develop a metrics plan to benchmark the effectiveness of this organization change program. Furthermore, proposer will be tasked with positioning the CSF team toward growth and development during the first phase of implementation of CSF’s strategic plan. CSF will seek to contract with the most qualified proposer as determined by CSF and award a contract for this work.


Change Management Engagement - RFP 2019-55-PR
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December 20, 2019 2:00 PM Prevailing Central Time